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Do Squirrels Come Back To The Same Nest

by Dean

Squirrels are creatures of habit and are not as selective as other warm-blooded mammals in the rodent family. Squirrels usually have no problems returning to previous nests they have built and reuse them. Most squirrel species have two litters every year, one at the end of spring and the other at the end of summer.

The squirrel builds itself a nest or drey, made of dry grass, shredded bark, twigs, often with the leaves still attached. Sometimes these little animals may make their nest in a hollow trunk or take over a rook’s nest, constructing a roof for it.

If you are not irritated with an ongoing family of squirrels on your property and in your trees, you will need to get used to some common issues that will continue to arise throughout the year. If you do nothing, squirrels will reuse the same nest every time.

Do squirrels push babies out of the nest?

Squirrels tend to build nests in tree trunks, attics, or chimneys. Generally, they build multiple nests so that they can move their babies if the nest is threatened or the nest becomes infested with fleas. A mother squirrel typically moves the baby squirrels to a new nest at around six weeks of age.

Baby squirrels that are born in leaf nests are vulnerable to fall, being eaten, or orphaned. Here are a few cruel facts of Nature that have been there for centuries.

  • Leaf nests are very vulnerable to wind and heavy rain. These nests can be damaged by high winds. 
  • Tree climbing snakes and raccoons are also predators that prey on baby squirrels. 
  • Crows also try to tear the nest apart to snatch the babies. They throw the babies all over the ground before the mother can get back to the nest. 

The mother will generally come back and check to make sure she has all the babies. A mother squirrel will not retrieve a baby that is very cold or injured.

What to do if a baby squirrel falls out of the nest?

squirrel and baby

At times, baby squirrels fall from their nests. The mother squirrels typically return and collect them. The immediate best help you can offer is to place the baby squirrel near the tree from which it fell. Squirrels are great mothers and will try to come back for their babies.

If the mother squirrel doesn’t return or if the baby is very ill or injured, you should contact a wildlife rescue center near you. Don’t give baby squirrels any food or water without the advice of a vet or wildlife rehabilitator. 

If the squirrel is fully furred, has a tail that curves up, and can sit up and walk, leave it alone unless it approaches you for help. These squirrels are making learning expeditions from the nest, but are still under their mother’s care.

Where do squirrels go when it rains?

Squirrels tend to wait out a heavy rainstorm in their nests or drey to keep themselves dry. They mostly prefer to nest in a hollow tree when the winds are strong, to prevent getting thrown out of their nest and potentially injured. 

During light rain, a squirrel’s bushy tail can be flipped up over the body to provide protection. The tail may get soaked, but the rest of the squirrel remains dry.

How long do baby squirrels stay with their mothers?

Baby squirrels typically open their eyes at 4 weeks of age. At about 6 weeks of age, the baby squirrel will be ready to start nibbling on solid food. At this stage, the young ones often start to explore outside the nest. 

Young squirrels are typically weaned and ready to be on their own at 10 weeks of age and are old enough to properly eat and digest solid foods. A baby squirrel is ready to leave the nest when they are around 12 weeks old. At this stage, they are fully furred and can survive on their own.

How many squirrels live in a nest?

squirrel nests

Adult tree squirrels normally live alone and the nests are typically intended for one squirrel. Their nests are made of a variety of interwoven material including twigs, bark, fur, feathers, leaves, and grass.

Male and female squirrels may share the same nest for short times during a breeding season. However, females nest alone when pregnant.

Some tree squirrels nest in groups if the temperature drops and during severe cold spells to warm each other. A group of squirrels is called a “scurry” or “dray.” Squirrels use these nests as temporary shelters.

Do squirrels stay in the same place?

Squirrels are highly territorial and typically stay in one place. They rarely go further than a mile from their home.

However, in any season, the squirrels may have to move to a place that has more available food or has more trees and places to live. Most squirrels live in colonies or groups, but some of them are solitary creatures.

Do squirrels reuse their nests?

Squirrels are creatures of habits and do not believe in abandoning an already well-constructed nest. They have no problems returning to previous locations and reusing their nests. If their nest is safe and intact, you will find that a mother squirrel may continuously reuse the nest year after year.

The construction of a squirrel nest is really a wonder. Some unused squirrel nests, particularly those in tree cavities, are reused by other animals. 

Where do squirrels go at night?

During the nighttime, squirrels usually do not run around looking for and collecting food. They are quiet at night because they’re sleeping like us. The little creatures may be found in their nest resting, sleeping, or caring for their young ones. The cozy nest is their haven for the night.

Do squirrels recognize humans?

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Squirrels are smart and clever creatures that have adapted to living among humans.

They have excellent memories and will quickly come to recognize who you are. A squirrel will remember and interact with you if they figure out that you are a source of food and not a predator.

Squirrels not only recognize people but they can also be trained to come for food when it’s offered consistently.

How far do squirrels roam from their nest?

Squirrel roaming

Squirrels are pretty smart and do remember and travel around their nest and habitat. They usually travel up to 2 miles a day with a zig-zag pattern. This is also their territory which they protect. However, most squirrels can travel up to 10 miles from their nest. It is very rare for squirrels to go larger than 10 miles. 

It is not easy for squirrels to travel beyond 10 miles and find their territory again. Occasionally, some squirrels could find their way back to a former nesting habitat from as far away as 15 miles. When the young squirrels leave the nest, they don’t travel farther than 2 miles from home. 

How long does a squirrel live?

Squirrels belong to the rodent family and include tree squirrels, ground squirrels, chipmunks, marmots, black squirrels, and flying squirrels. All species of squirrels possess different lifespans.

Usually, squirrels enjoy life spans anywhere from 5 to 10 years in the wild. They have shorter lifespans in the wild than in captivity. Many of them die in the first year of life due to diseases, parasites, falls, human interaction, and predators. The little ones who make it past the first year will be around for a long time. In captivity, squirrels can live up to 20 years.

What does it mean when a squirrel barks at you?

The squirrel’s bark when they feel that danger is nearby. When a squirrel barks at you, it is probably seeing you as a danger. Mostly this barking and scolding is actually an alarm signal. Squirrels are trying to warn you of their territory and to warn other squirrels of danger.

Interesting squirrel fact: Usually squirrels are frightened of people. However, a mother squirrel can be quite aggressive if she perceives danger or is separated from her babies.

Should I remove the squirrel nest tree?

Squirrels build many nests each year. Removing nest trees will likely deprive squirrels of their homes. If you do nothing, squirrels give birth in early spring and late summer. If you act late, then you remove any chance of removing nests because live babies cannot be removed until they mature and leave the nest on their own which takes ten to twelve weeks.

The best way to be certain you aren’t harming and destroying a nest with babies is to wait until autumn. By waiting until the fall, you might displace some squirrels, but you won’t be hurting young ones. The squirrels will have time to find new places to make nests before it gets too cold. 

If you choose not to have the nest removed, you will find that the same mother squirrel might continue to use the same nest year after year. It would be wise to monitor the process if babies are present. Once babies are gone then removal can occur. If a nest is discovered or threatened, mother squirrels will move the babies to a safer location.

Grey squirrels can’t be released back into the wild

“A new law ‘The Invasive Alien Species (Enforcement and Permitting) Order 2019’ means that it’s no longer possible to rehabilitate and release grey squirrels”


If you have already removed the nest with babies

Squirrels are excellent mothers and will probably still come back for their babies if you give her a chance. They can take much better care of their young ones than any human possibly could.

Reuniting the squirrels with their mother

While you are waiting to hear back from a wildlife rehabilitator, here are some steps that you can take before reuniting the baby squirrels with their mother:

  • To keep the baby squirrels safe while you figure out how to help them, place the squirrels in a small cardboard box.
  • Keeping them warm, dark, and quiet is more important. Place a soft towel to keep the babies warm. Keep the baby squirrels contained in a dark, quiet place.
  • Make sure they have a heat source. You can also give them a heat source like a plastic bottle filled with hot tap water.
  • Don’t give the baby squirrels any food or water until you have spoken to a vet or wildlife rehabilitator. 
  • Place the box with the squirrels as close as possible to the original nest site. 

Stay calm and show patience

baby squirrel

The mother squirrel is usually nearby when a nest has been disturbed. The little mommy might be too frightened to come back right away, particularly if people are still working in the area. Leave the babies in the box until it starts to get dark. Make sure to keep them warm with a heat source. You may have to change the heat source several times until the mother squirrel arrives.  

Bring the baby squirrels inside overnight as their mommy won’t be looking for them at night. Put them out again near the nest first thing in the morning.

When the best is in a really busy area

In high-traffic and busy areas, you can put a sign on the box to let other people know that the squirrels are waiting for their mommy. If there are a lot of dogs around, you can hang the box to a tree, wall, or a fence, at least 4-5 feet off the ground to keep the baby squirrels safe.

When it’s raining

If it’s raining lightly, cover half of the box with a piece of cardboard. A mother squirrel won’t be looking for her little ones during heavy rain.

Mom didn’t come back

If the mother squirrel hasn’t come back after a few hours or the next day, the babies are probably orphaned. Mother squirrels hardly abandon their babies, but sometimes some circumstances can scare a squirrel away.

You should keep them safe, warm, and contact a wildlife rehabilitator for advice.

In closing

Squirrels are tiny creatures that can be fascinating to observe. It’s not unusual for squirrels to return to the same nest.

These cute rodents never fail to amuse us. Have you ever experienced any interesting or unusual circumstances regarding squirrels in your backyard? Share your adventure with us. We would be happy to hear from you!

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