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Can hedgehogs eat tomatoes? (All You Need To Know!)

by Dean

Can hedgehogs eat tomatoes? Yes. Your spiky little pocket pet can surely enjoy some fresh tomatoes. These botanical fruits are nutrient-enriched, but they also contain an ample amount of sugar and acid. Thereby it is critical to feed tomatoes in moderation as a treat. Overconsumption of this juicy delight can lead to numerous health concerns, including mouth sourness, diarrhea, and obesity, to name a few.

As loving hedgehog owners, we often consider supplementing our pet’s diet with fresh vegetables and fruits. And while looking through the refrigerator for something to satisfy the spiky little pet’s hunger, your gaze may fall on tomatoes. Would tomatoes make a suitable addition to your hedgehog’s diet? You know hedgehogs are insectivores, but is it okay to feed them a slice of tomato every once in a while?

Continue reading to find out!

Can hedgehogs eat tomatoes

Can hedgehogs eat tomatoes?

Tomatoes are filled with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, making them a fine treat for your hedgehog. Nonetheless, these juicy goodies have an acidic nature, so they should only be considered a treat, not a replacement for a pet’s original and well-balanced diet.

Nutritional value of 100 grams of tomatoes

Potassium212 mg
Vitamin C14 mg
Fiber0.9 g
Water95 g
Vitamin A30%
Protein1.16 g
Sugar2.6 g
Fat0.19 g
Phosphorus24 mg
Carbs3.2 g
Calcium10 mg

Vitamin C helps our hedgehogs fight off cardiovascular diseases. It also helps them maintain their oral health.

Vitamin K, A, and B 6 are vital for our pet’s overall development.

Phosphorus and calcium are paramount for dental health, bone growth, and different nervous system needs.

Fiber helps our hedgehogs maintain a healthy digestive system.

Are tomatoes good for hedgehogs?

As stated earlier, these treats are the epitome of minerals and vitamins. They contain decent traces of vitamin C, which helps our hedgehogs with their immune system. Tomatoes also contain iron, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and fiber which aid digestion and helps with the stomach-related framework of your hedgehog. In addition, it has a low amount of calcium which is excellent since too much of it can cause bladder stones.

Are tomatoes toxic for hedgehogs?

Many hedgehog parents have a common concern regarding tomatoes: whether these treats can have a toxic effect on their pet. Well, if fed in moderation, fresh tomatoes will not cause any harm to your hedgehog. Overconsumption of any fruit or vegetable can lead to numerous health consequences.

Hedgehog owners should remember that tomatoes contain a small amount of sugar, leading to health concerns like diarrhea, obesity, and diabetes. Furthermore, tomatoes are slightly acidic, while these spiky pets have a highly delicate stomachs. Sudden diet changes may require a trip to the vet.

It will help if you introduce tomatoes to your pet slowly. Plus, it is advised to serve the ripe ones only as unripe and mushy tomatoes can give rise to digestive problems.

Caution: Avoid the green part of tomatoes, as it can be toxic to our hedgehogs.

How many tomatoes can hedgehogs consume at a time?

Though there isn’t an exact amount for serving tomatoes to hedgehogs, make sure you don’t offer more than a small cherry tomato or a small slice of a regular tomato at a time. Feeding limited quantities will not harm your pet at all. Plus, it will help you analyze whether your hedgehog likes it or not or if it is toxic for him.

How often can hedgehogs eat tomatoes?

Limiting your hedgehog’s tomato intake to once or twice a month is a great way to avoid unnecessary medical expenses. Serving more may lead to numerous health problems, such as mouth sores, digestive complications, diabetes, and diarrhea.

Are tomatoes toxic for hedgehogs

What is the right way to feed tomatoes to hedgehogs?

Though tomatoes aren’t an excellent snack for these insectivores, you can feed them as occasional treats. Hedgehogs are notorious for having a fragile digestive system. They can face health concerns quite easily. Therefore, preparing tomatoes the right way to feed your hedgehogs is vital.

Follow these simple steps to prepare tomatoes for your beloved pet.

  • Choose only ripe and fresh-looking tomatoes. Feeding unripe tomatoes may lead to digestive issues.
  • Wash the tomatoes thoroughly. Also, opt for organic tomatoes only. Vegetables and fruits available in your local mart are often sprayed with chemicals that are hazardous to our pets.
  • Chop the tomatoes into small bite-able slices. It will eliminate the chances of choking.
  • Now the tomatoes are ready to serve. You can hand feed your pet or offer the fruit in a food bowl.
  • After your hedgehog is done enjoying his tomatoes, remove the uneaten parts. It eliminates the risk of rat and flies infestation. Plus, it prevents bacterial build-up.

Frequently asked questions

Can hedgehogs eat tomato leaves?

No. Tomato leaves are not safe for hedgehogs to consume. In fact, they might prove poisonous for them.

Even though tomatoes are not toxic for hedgehogs, their stems and leaves can be. Tomato leaves contain alkaloids such as tomatine and solanine, which can harm our pets. Serving a smaller quantity may not be very harmful but try to avoid it as much as possible.

Can hedgehogs eat cherry tomatoes?

They surely can!

Hedgehogs can munch on some cherry tomatoes without any trouble. Just ensure you wash the fruit properly before serving it to your pet.

You can use apple cider vinegar to remove the traces of chemicals and pesticides from tomatoes.

Can hedgehogs eat tomato seeds?

Hedgehogs can consume tomato seeds. Nevertheless, pet parents should try to avoid the green part of the seed as it is not fit for the health of our beloved hedgehogs.

Can hedgehogs eat tomato sauce?

No, they can’t!

Despite its exceptionally delicious nature, tomato sauce isn’t a suitable addition to your hedgehog’s diet. These sauces undergo a specified cooking process involving plenty of additives such as salt, sugar, and preservatives. Therefore it’s best if you limit the sauce intake to humans only.

Can I offer other tomato-based foods to my hedgehog?

If you are thinking about whether it is okay to feed other tomato-based foods like ketchup or pasta sauce to your hedgehog, think again! Such food items are heavy in sugar, thus contributing to obesity. Oils, spices, additives, and chemicals are also present there. All these chemicals and additions are not suitable for your hedgehog’s health.

When feeding your pet hedgehog or any other pet, food in its natural state is often the more suitable choice.

What else can I feed my hedgehog?

You can let your hedgehogs enjoy some extra treats in addition to their standard diet of insects. Fresh fruits make a good treat but only if offered in moderation. Bananas, berries, melons, and apples sliced into small pieces are great options. A few slices every fortnight will be enough.

You can also feed a modest amount of cooked meat, including chicken, to your hedgehog. Occasionally, scrambled eggs can also make their way into the diet chart.

Final words

While a modest amount of tomato, given bimonthly, can be excellent for your pet’s health, some owners would rather not introduce this fruit to their hedgehog’s diet due to the potential adverse effects. Tomatoes aren’t toxic in nature but can be hazardous for hedgehogs if fed in bulk amounts.

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