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How to stop a mini pig from squealing

by Dean

How to stop a mini pig from squealing? A pig’s squealing is an illustration of how it feels. Thus, interpreting what the squeal means is critical in understanding how to respond to your pet.

Pigs have very complicated social structures and communication norms. To communicate with each other, they use body language, vocals, and scent or pheromones. Humans don’t possess the ability to pick up most of their specific signals, so we will focus more on body language and vocal signs.

Mini pig’s vocalizations include grunts, squeals, barks, huffs, panting, screams, and a whole lot of other noises that are hard to interpret. Body Language involves movement, posture, static poses, the direction of movement, expressions, head tilting, physical contact, closeness, eye contact, etc.

Before going into how to stop a mini pig from squealing, it is important to understand why pigs make these particular sounds.

What Are Mini Pig Vocalizations?

mini pig

Like humans, pigs vocalize for almost the same reasons. These include when they are happy, sad, lonely, hurt, scared, hungry, demanding, submitting, terrified, challenging, warning, making friends, greeting family, searching for friends, mourning, excited, bored, bonding, enjoying company, warning family members of danger, agitated or just content. 

Mini pigs have distinct sounds for pain, stress, hunger, farrowing, nursing, during heat, greeting a mate, or when they are startled or isolated. A large number of studies have been conducted to understand the swine vocalizations and the same findings apply to our mini pigs. 

But remember that vocalizations can tell you so much. You need to interpret the environment and the body language to properly interpret the complete meaning of these sounds.

As an example, high-pitched vocalizations are related to stress whereas low-pitched vocalizations show that pigs are comfortable or relaxed. A mini pig that whines, shrills, or screeches is not happy about something. While a pig that grunts in a rhythm is content and relaxed surrounded by those he trusts and loves.

Now let’s take a look at the squealing sound that a pig makes, and how you can interpret it.

What does it mean when a mini pig squeals?

A mini pig’s squeal can be a sign of excitement. However, it can also symbolize pain or fear.

You can make out that they feel excited when they make low rumbling noises. These noises are continuous and rapid.

If they feel threatened, stressed, or scared, they squeal in a very high-pitched tone. Furthermore, these noises are longer and considerably louder.

A relatively quiet but hot panting is a sort of greeting for pigs. It shows that the animal is trying to be friendly.

You can tell that your mini pig is annoyed when it makes harsh coughing noises. This could also mean that your pig is mad about something.

As we discussed that the squeals alone could be inconclusive and you have to look at other factors and actions to properly interpret the sounds. 

A scared pig will squeal in loud noises while trying to keep some distance from the thing it fears.

An excited piglet will make wag its tail and make low rumbling noises as it approaches.

Again try your best to differentiate between your pig’s gestures and sounds. After some time, you’ll be able to distinguish such with ease.

Why do mini pigs squeal when picked up?

Now a problem that all mini pigs owners go through, is the shrill squeal of their pig when it gets picked up. It is simply because they feel vulnerable and unsafe.

Remember that pigs have a prey mentality, that these animals are prey by nature. Thus, their instinct is to squeal loudly is a cry for help. 

In the wild, being off the ground only means one thing: they are in trouble. For the same reason, they feel in danger when picked up off the ground. Prey animals feel very unsafe and vulnerable when picked off the ground, it is because they are handicapped. They cant run, hide or move on their own. So squealing when picked up is a very tricky place for a mini pig. 

You can certainly train your pig. Start gradually by holding giving it a treat at the same time. 

Of course, you will have to go through a lot of squealing sessions, but it will fade as soon as your pig gets used to it. So be patient and try positive methods of training.

Pigs often squeal because they are in anticipation of something, need something, are in agony, hungry, fearful, lonely, anxious, or simply bored. Sometimes it may just take time for your pig to adjust and become comfortable in your home before they stop squealing.

When you have new people or guests in your home with whom your pig isn’t familiar with or doesn’t like, they may squeal just to how their irritation. Pig’s don’t usually like to get petted by strangers.

Why is my mini pig squealing so loudly?

All pigs are very loud squealers, and the mini versions are no exception to that. A pig squeal can reach around 115 dB. Now that’s as loud, if not louder, than your average rock concert. Usually, extremely loud squeals or scream means that your pig is in pain. In that case, check for cuts on their skin and feet.

Now that we have learned some of the reasons why pigs squeal, let’s look at ways you can stop your mini pig from squealing.

How do you stop a mini pig from squealing?

mini pig

As I mentioned that a pig’s squeal is an expression of how it feels. Thus, when a pig needs to express its extreme emotions or feelings, it simply squeals. 

But how do you get your mini pig to stop squealing? There could be many reasons your pig might be squealing, but here are a few ways you can get them to stop:

  • Give your pig some form of exercise or entertainment 
  • Consider getting a second pig so they aren’t lonely
  • Make sure you are feeding them properly
  • Check to see if they have any cuts or bruises
  • Give them some time to adjust and get comfortable with you
  • Use treats to make them happy and calm
  • Make a pigpen or a barn to keep them outside

Sometimes your pig will squeal just in sheer anticipation like they might get excited if they are expecting food. To get rid of this behavior, don’t let your pig see you prepare their food. Just let them know when it’s done.

If they are still squealing, you can employ treats to try and train them not to squeal. Firmly tell them ‘NO’ each time they squeal before getting food, and when they listen, praise them and give them a treat. You don’t want the habit of squealing to go on for too long because then it becomes harder to stop.

Tired and exhausted pigs won’t squeal as much, so make sure you are giving your mini pig a decent amount of exercise and playtime to tire them out.

You can employ the points given below to stop your mini pig from squealing.

  1. Entertainment for your mini pig

The best form of entertainment that you can provide your mini pig tires them out both mentally and physically. Playing catch, going for walks, and playing hide and seek are just a few you can engage in. But remember that you need a big yard or a field to keep your pig properly entertained. 

Pigs need a lot of space to run around and be happy. You could hide treats in your yard and let your pig try and look for them. Rooting is another activity that your pig can do outdoors.

  1. Getting another mini pig

Pigs are social aminals, and they do best with their kind. To stop your mini pig from squealing, they need lots of entertainment. That is to avoid feeling bored and lonely. If you aren’t able to provide the entertainment they require, getting another pig will help a lot. They will keep each other from becoming bored.

3. Keep your mini pig on a balanced diet


Make sure that your pig is not only properly fed but its diet should be well balanced. This is critical in making your pig stop squealing. 

Some shady breeders will give you false feeding guidelines so that your pig stays small due to malnourishment. This can cause your pig pain which may cause them to squeal.

4. Check your mini pig for cuts and bruises

Pain can make your mini pig squeal. Regularly check them for cuts and bruises on their skin and feet to make sure they didn’t accidentally cut themselves. 

At times pigs will scratch up against different things when they have an itch. So it’s pretty common that they accidentally cut themselves.

5. Give your pig some time to adjust

If you have just got your pig and you have started to introduce him to your friends and family. Remember that sometimes it takes a little while for your pig to get comfortable with the new faces and routines. 

So give your pig some space as uncomfortable pigs might get moody and squeal out of fear and discomfort.

6. Make an outdoor area for your mini pig

Pigs love being outdoors, so building a pigpen or barn is a great idea if you want your mini pig to stop squealing. Pigs are farm animals and although they are suitable as indoor pets, they are still better suited outdoors.

If you have two, then letting them play outside all day will keep them entertained. Relieving their boredom and anxiety will greatly reduce the squealing and save you some time as well.

Now let’s look at some tell-tale signs that your mini pig is stressed out.

How do you tell if your mini pig is stressed?

A pig is a very animated animal and it will make noticeable gestures when it feels uncomfortable, threatened, or scared. All these things make them feel stressed. And, you can tell it by their behavior.

Here are some things you should take into account as your mini pig might be stressed out.

  • Breathing heavily with an open mouth
  • Different Vocalization gestures
  • Blotchy and red skin
  • Stiffness 
  • Muscle tremors
  • Lack of movement

These are some of the usual reactions that your pig is under stress.

If you see your pet making one of these gestures, give them some space and allow them to rest.

You can also let your pig roam around the house or in the yard. This will help alleviate the feeling of stress.

You can also try things to make it feel safe and to divert its attention away from what it fears.

Toys and a feed work most of the time. Still, your best bet would be to let it move on its own. Doing so would make it feel comfortable and in control.

How do you calm a mini pig?

mini pig

Calming your min pig depends on the situation it’s currently experiencing.

For example, a pig squeals when it gets picked up for the very first time. To calm it, you can put it down and let it walk on its own. It should relax after a few minutes

If a pig feels threatened by strangers or pets, you can soothe it by putting it in a place where it can’t see them.

As a general rule of thumb, take away whatever is the cause of anxiety.

Afterward, you can comfort it by giving treats or toys. Such things will soothe the nerves and will calm them down eventually.

Here are a few more things you can try to stop a mini pig from squealing.

  • Take a timeout and let your pig go where it wants.
  • Avoid any physical contact with it for a while.
  • Maintain a quiet and peaceful environment as your pig settles.
  • Look away to reduce its fear.
  • Don’t overcrowd your pig, especially if it fears people it saw for the first time.


Mini Pigs can squeal very loud when they feel a lot of stress and pressure. At the same time, they can also do it when they feel threatened or scared.

Of course, the squealing may lessen after some time with some training and the pig getting used to you. All it takes is a little bit of patience and hard work.

Owning a mini pig is truly a great experience. But it would be best if you are prepared for some loud squeals.

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